Baby Shreyansh celebrated his 1st birthday, owing to the 137 generous donors.

   May 3, 2021            6 min read

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Baby Shreyansh’s open-heart surgery was his only chance at survival. Shreyansh is an 11-month-old baby boy from Nashik, Maharashtra who was suffering from a congenital heart defect. With his abysmal income, Shreyansh’s father spared no effort to save his child’s life. Baby Shreyansh was gifted a new life by the support of his donors, who helped him in battling the ills of a dire disease in time. 

“Our child was struggling with an insufferable amount of pain and torment. All our life we have seen extreme adversities but Shreyansh’s anguish broke our hearts. We cannot thank our donors enough for being the guardian angel to our only baby. We will forever be grateful for your help in saving our son’s life. May God bless them and their families with happiness and health.” 
- Bhanudas and Aarti Madhe, Mother and Father of Mast. Shreyansh

In a "congenital heart defect" the larger ventricular septal defects resulting in shunting of blood across the defect causing excessive blood flow to the lungs. The only cure for this disease is open-heart surgery. Baby Shreyansh was being treated at “Balaji heart and diagnostic center, Mumbai”. He comes from the underprivileged section of our society, his father is a farmer and the sole earner for his family, he often struggles to cope with the day-to-day necessities of his family.

This expensive treatment was made possible only with the help of 137 generous and noble souls who came together, realizing the urgency of the situation and donated their hard-earned money to save baby Shreyansh’s life. The baby was discharged from the hospital on the 15th of March and celebrated his 1st first birthday with his family on the 21st of March. We wish him a long and happy life.
How ipledgefor helped the Campaigner – The Baby Care Foundation?

ipledgefor verified the campaigns on call and got the reports, post-surgery videos, and photos.
ipledgefor has been at the forefront of marketing the campaign and raising funds for baby Shreyansh. Also, with the update system each and every donor of the campaign is being updated about the post-surgery details.

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 110      8

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