1500 slum households take a step towards hygiene and safety with the help of their loving donors.

   Jun 8, 2021            6 min read

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The Covid-19 Pandemic is spreading like wildfire. It is an air-borne virus that has infected approximately 139 Million people and caused more than 2.9 million deaths worldwide. Children and adults above 45 are the most vulnerable to this disease owing to their comparatively weaker immunity.

Sadly, many poor and uneducated people are alarmingly unaware of the fatal susceptibility of the virus; neither do they have the appropriate resources to protect themselves against it. Such is the condition of several slums situated in the Howrah and Ultadanda areas of Kolkata. These slums are home to over 2000 families living in miserable circumstances, oblivious to the threats posed by Covid-19. 

LittleBigHelp is a non-profit based in Mumbai that has been aiding the education of the children from these slums since 2016. The ongoing pandemic triggered an urgent need for financial and mental support for these people since most of them were surviving off minimal daily wages. LittleBigHelp immediately initiated a campaign catering to Covid-19 awareness and the distribution of survival kits containing essentials like Masks, sanitizer, food grains, etc. 

Their supportive donors helped them raise funds for such a humane cause and they distributed 1500 sanitizers amongst the households of Ultadanda slums. Such a maneuver of compassion and kindness shown by their donors saved many families from losing their loved ones to the perils of the Virus. 
We would like to thank everyone who donated their hard-earned money and helped the slums of Kolkata through such difficult times.

How ipledgefor helped the Campaigner – LittleBigHelp?

ipledgefor verified the campaign on call and got the post-distribution videos and photos.
ipledgefor has been at the forefront of marketing the campaign and raising funds for LittleBigHelp’s noble cause. Also, each donor of the campaign was provided with proper updates post distribution.

Such stories of compassion and kindness inspire all of humanity.
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