Pledgers help the unprivileged fight the gory pandemic

   Feb 28, 2021            5 min read

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Slums are home to a population of over 60.1 million people in India. Slum settlements are densely populated with inadequate sanitation and resources, making them highly vulnerable to the infectious Corona Virus SARS-Co-V-2 disease. Additionally, a lack of data on all the residents living in slums makes it impossible for the government to reach out and help these people. The adversities have multiplied for these poor people in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

Low-paid daily wages are the main source of income for most households living in the slums but during the lockdown, they were forced to stay inside with no job and consequently no money. Poor sanitation exacerbates their existing issues. The pandemic has been equally harsh on all the senior citizens who are helpless by their bodies and are totally dependent on their caregivers but the caregivers were inaccessible. Hunger and despondence is what, 2020 had in store for them.

In an altruistic community-based initiative Kolkata heroes and Zyeinika joined hands to help certain slums based in Kolkata through such challenging times. With the love and support of their compassionate donors, who believed in their noble cause, they served food to 50 families in areas of Lower Range, Beckbagan Row of Kolkata. We are eternally grateful to all the donors who donated their hard-earned money so that a family does not sleep hungry.

Kolkata Heroes (Grow Your Network) is created to bring aspiring individuals together from diversified sections of the society to connect, with a perfect blend of youth energy along with experience and wisdom.

How ipledgefor helped the Campaigner – Tanveer Khan?

ipledgefor verified the campaign on call and got the post-distribution videos and photos.
ipledgefor has been at the forefront of marketing the campaign and raising funds for Tanveer Khan’s noble cause. Also, each donor of the campaign was provided with proper updates post distribution.
Such stories of compassion and kindness inspire all of humanity.

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