300 tribals rescued from the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan.

   May 16, 2021            6 min read

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The catastrophic impact of Cyclone Amphan was felt all over the state of West Bengal, but the destruction it caused in the remote villages of the Sunderbans was traumatic. At a wind speed of approximately 200 km/hour, the storm raged on for hours, ravaging all in its way. Saltwater flooding in the low-lying areas has permanently damaged many crop fields leading to unemployment and scarcity of resources.

Thousands were left with no roof over their heads, severely injured and vulnerable to tiger attacks. Certain distant villages located deep in the Sunderban forests like Sandeshkhali, Khulna and, Pathorpratima had not received any aid for a very long time. The habitants were faced with multiple hardships and, reinstating into normal life has not been easy. 

The Umbrella NGO started a health camp and relief donation drive to help the residents of Sunderban. Through this initiative, they conducted a General Health Camp for 300 people of Kultoli, Malpara Village, Sunderban, West Bengal, wherein their basic health check-up was done and BMI was measured. Pertaining to their needs and under a doctor's prescription, the patients were also provided with free medicines. Multivitamins, Iron Folic Tablets, Rantac, Paracetamol, Albendazole, Uti medicines were some of the medicines prescribed.

They also distributed basic amenities to all the families living there. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this noble cause and donated their hard-earned money and saved many families who bore the brunt of the calamitous storm. Ms. Ashmita Dey, the heart and soul behind this campaign, could not have done this without the help of her donors.

How ipledgefor helped the Campaigner – Ms. Ashmita Dey?

ipledgefor verified the campaign on call and got the post-distribution videos and photos.
ipledgefor has been at the forefront of marketing the campaign and raising funds for Ms. Ashmita's noble cause. Also, each donor of the campaign was provided with proper updates about the relief camps and essential distributions.

Such stories of compassion and kindness inspire all of humanity.
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