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Only a heart surgery can save Shreyansh life

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The Baby Care Foundation
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Shreyansh Madhe
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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“I never knew such a life-threatening incident would occur in my baby’s life!

Why my son? and not me is something that I asked God every single time.

My 11-month-old Shreyansh constantly weeps because of the unbearable pain in his chest. He keeps on fainting due to a severe headache and the only thing I can do for him is to sing a lullaby so that he sleeps calmly.

I was devastated when the doctor’s said, ‘Heart surgery needs to be done.’ Imagine the plight of a mother who can lose his son anytime soon without an urgent treatment. Please save my son, I want him alive.

I have done everything to save him. Only you can end his suffering.

- Bharti Madhe; mother of baby Shreyansh


Home - Baby Shreyansh, Shingave, Nashik, Maharashtra

Hospital - Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic Centre, Mumbai


There are a total of 3 members in Baby Shreyan’s family

Baby Shreyansh -11-months-old baby boy

Mother - Bharti Madhe - Housemaker

Father - Bhanudas Madhe - is a farmer


"Shreyansh Madhe" was born on March 21st, 2020. Given his undiagnosed heart condition. After one month of his birth, they were having the monthly scheduled check-up of baby Shreyansh at a local hospital where he was delivered. Once the check-up was done they came to know the sad reality about their son that Shreyansh is diagnosed with a "congenital heart defect" where his larger ventricular septal defects result from the shunting of blood across the defect causing excessive blood flow to the lungs. The doctor from the local hospital suggested they should take him to the "Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic center" in Mumbai. After another echocardiogram at "Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic Centre," the doctor told us that Shreyansh eventually needs open-heart surgery. He said that we need to do the surgery as soon as possible. They left feeling all sorts of emotions. Prior to that, Shreyansh's health got worse and worse. But his father Mr.Bhanudas Madhe was not able to afford the cost of the surgery as he is just a farmer with a yearly income of INR. 50,000 which totally depended upon the crops which he grows in his farm. His mother is crying and begging for help to save his only child.

This process has brought them to some dark places, and only your support and love can help them through the toughest moments of their lives. As you can imagine, the treatment comes with all sorts of expenses i.e. The medical expense, travel, food, lodging, and a myriad of other expenses add up. If you can make a donation, they would be forever grateful. Everyone appreciates generosity during the difficult time. They are unsure how much longer it will take them to treat their son.

Please do support so Shreyansh can work his way back to good health. Shreyansh, the heart warrior, continues to amaze us with his strength, patience, resilience, and love!


Baby Shreyansh B Madhe, 11-month-old boy is suffering from Large sub - pulmonic VSD. She is presently under care for her heart ailment at "Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic Centre" Mumbai

The patient requires to undergo ICR OF VSD Closure. The tentatively in the last week of February 2021. The total expected expenditure for the surgery, medicine and ICU stay is around INR. 2,70,000/- (Two Lac seventy thousand Rupees only).

We, therefore, sincerely appeal to the Helping Hearts like you to come forward and extend your full support to enable us for the treatment of baby Shreyansh.


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  •   Mar 15, 2021

    Dear Donors,

    I like to give an update regarding my son (Mast. Shreyansh). So Shreyansh is discharged from the hospital today. First of all, I like to thank God for this ordeal and everything we have and have not had. Even though we are affected by all this tough time, we are very much grateful to god. In addition, I would like to sincerely thank all donors for their prayers, donations, and all form of support. Partly, because of you my son is alive. May God is pleased with everyone who contributed to this action, keeps their families safe and healthy.

    Please keep praying for my son and all other sick people who are struggling with serious conditions.

    Bhanudas Madhe; father of Mast.Shreyansh

  •   Mar 5, 2021

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you so much for all your well wishes and prayers. Shreyansh's surgery has been successfully done and now he is recovering well from his treatment. He is still in the I.C.U but we can see signs that he is getting stronger already.😇

    I will update you once the discharge date is given. For now, he is fully under the observation of doctors.

    We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who supported our little prince and has given him the best chance at life!

    Thank you!

    Bhanudas Madhe; father of Mast.Shreyansh

  •   Mar 3, 2021

    Dear Donors,

    The day has finally come, we need all of your blessings and prayers Mast. Shreyansh is undergoing surgery today at the Balaji Heart Hospital and Diagnostic Centre.

    Please Pray for Mast. Shreyansh, We will keep you updated with the condition.


    Team The Baby Care Foundation.

  •   Feb 23, 2021

    Dear Donors,

    We wanted to give you all a little update on our little heart warrior, Shreyansh. He is now admitted to the Balaji Heart Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, Byculla (E), Mumbai. He will undergo surgery very soon.

    We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we are so happy with all the small victories. Please keep on donating and sharing the campaign.


    Team The Baby Care Foundation

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Transparency Market Research Pvt. Ltd.
  Feb 16, 2021
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  Feb 28, 2021
My best wishes for shreyansh surgery
  Feb 27, 2021
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harika p
  Mar 10, 2021
god bless you with good health and wealth forever and ever.. get soon recovery ... bless you beta.
Nampally Gautam Varma
  Mar 10, 2021
  Mar 10, 2021
  Mar 10, 2021
  Mar 10, 2021
Get well soon. God Bless You!!
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