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Child Unnati Foundation
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Khushi Mondal
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Here’s what Khushi’s Grandmother has to say

“You can kill her, you can throw her away, you can strangulate her, but I don’t care whatever happens with Khushi. You can operate her or do anything with her, But I don’t care. I don’t need a girl child and I won’t accept her, ever!“

These were the last few words said by Mr. Sipen; Father of baby Khushi. And he never cared to check up on the condition of his baby girl. He disowned his wife Manju and their only girl child Khushi and never contacted them for past 7 years.

“I’m uneducated and don’t even know how to write. I got married when I was 18 years old. I was grateful to god that at least now I’ll lead a happy life. Everything was going well until Sipen came to know that I was going to give birth to a girl child.

My husband took me to his village during the 7th month of pregnancy.

However, It was not for the baby shower… it was to know the gender of our baby!

I regret my decision of going with him. After doing sonography; we came to know that a girl child would be entering into our life soon. I was so excited. But… Sipen was furious and he would beat me black and blue. He tortured me, physically abused me. He threw me on the floor, maybe Sipen wanted miscarriage to happen. However, my baby Khushi survived and I was sent back to my mother’s house. I feel because of that incident my Khushi is facing a lot of health issues. Not even once, he called me to know If delivery went fine, If our baby was alive. Still, I called him to give the good news that he became a father but he told me to never call again.

And since then… I am fighting every single day to keep my Khushi Alive!“

Manju; Baby Khushi’s helpless mother  


Home - Baby Khushi, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hospital - Asian Heart Institute, Bandra, Mumbai


There are a total of 6 members in Baby Khushi’s family

Baby Khushi - 6-year-old baby girl

Mother - Manju - Housemaker

Grandmother - Parvati - Housemaker

Aunty - Vijeta - Works as a Receptionist

Uncle - Sanjay - Jobless due to Pandemic

Uncle - Raju - Jobless due to Pandemic

Father - Sipen - Left the family for 7 years


Mrs. Manju Sipen Mondal (Mother of baby Khushi) is a house-maker and she is taking care of her baby Khushi.

Raju and Sanjay have lost their job due to the COVID-19 situation.

Vijeta; (Aunty of baby Khushi) is the only earning member of this family of 6 and she merely earns Rs.7000 monthly which isn’t sufficient for the entire family’s food, Khushi’s medicines and to pay the rent. Since the lockdown has begun they haven’t paid the rent fully.

Earlier the family was staying in a slum but their house got burned completely and Khushi’s documents got burned too.

Also, Khushi’s nails turn blue when she exerts pressure on herself while walking and she face difficulty in breathing. This is because of Heart Defect. Khushi’s first Open Heart Surgery was done when she was 1.5 years of age.

Khushi is suffering from a complex Congenital Heart Defect called Single Ventricle, PS, BDGS.The only way to save baby Khushi is through an Open Heart Surgery (Redosternotomy + Fontan completion)which costs Rs.3,88,000. Collecting such a huge amount is an impossible task for Khushi’s family since there is only one person who is working to take care of the entire family of 6.


Baby Khushi is suffering from complex Congenital Heart Defect called Single Ventricle, PS, BDGS.

The only way to save baby Khushi is through an Open Heart Surgery (Redosternotomy + Fontan completion) which costs Rs.3,88,000. Baby is under care of Asian Heart Institute, Bandra, Mumbai.

We, therefore, sincerely appeal to the Helping Hearts like you to come forward and extend your full support to enable us for the treatment of baby Khushi.

Don’t let Manju lose her only child. Life has been very cruel to her. But don’t let her lose her faith in the power of people.


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  •   Jan 23, 2021

    Dear Donors,

    It's been 4 months and still, we are unable to give our little girl the treatment she needs. During this difficult time, all of you have become the support we are seeking for. But unfortunately, it's not enough and we are still short of INR. 92,000.

    Khushi's surgery would get done most probably by next month. She is currently on medication and her health is fine.

    Please save my daughter's life.


    Manju, Mother of Baby Khushi

  •   Nov 11, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    We want to keep Khushi smiling, happy, and free from all the pain she is going through...We are 10 days away from Khushi's birthday. We wish we could have a celebration, have family here and let her start a new life....and live a normal life as a 6 year should but that isn't an option. We still haven't raised enough for her surgery. I'm constantly worried about her health.

    We need to get Khushi her treatment before she needs any more procedures. We are just over ₹ 163,440 from our target.



    Manju, Mother of Baby Khushi

  •   Oct 6, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for your support until now. Khushi’s health is not getting better anyhow. We have been advised to follow the daily medication. As we can’t visit the hospital in this COVID-19 situation and the amount need for surgery has not been collected yet.

    It would be too late and can be fatal for Khushi if her surgery can’t be done at the earliest. Please save our daughter’s life. She is the only source of happiness for her mother.


    Vijeta, Aunty of Baby Khushi

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Puneet Bihany
  Nov 24, 2020
  Nov 24, 2020
Mangesh Vaitla
  Dec 15, 2020
Manish Pandit
  Sep 10, 2020
Wishing Khushi speedy recovery
Sanjana and Prajwal Simha
  Sep 7, 2020
Get well soon baby and god bless you
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  Feb 24, 2021
  Feb 23, 2021
  Jan 30, 2021
  Jan 30, 2021
Get well dear Khushi God bless you and heal you completely in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen 🙏
  Jan 29, 2021
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