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5-year-old baby girl Trusts You for her Survival

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Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Faatima Shaikh
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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5-year-old baby girl Trusts You for her Survival

"A constant fear of death haunts my baby girl Faatima and our entire family. A daughter is the most precious gem for a father but I am afraid that I would lose my only gem if I am unable to get her surgery done. Praying to God is the only thing that I can do amidst these hard times, without a job and COVID19 struck; it's getting very hard for the survival of my family every single day. I need your help, my daughter needs your help! Will you help us?"
- Rabbani; father of baby girl Faatima


Home - Baby Faatima - Chembur, Mumbai

Hospital - Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children, Parel, Mumbai


There are a total of 3 members in Ms. Faatima's family.

Ms. Faatima is a 5-year-old baby girl

Mother - Afsana Rabbani Shaikh

Father -Rabbani Raj Mohammed Shaikh


Rabbani Raj Mohammed Shaikh (Father of the baby) is a daily wage worker who merely earns Rs.6000. After the COVID-19 pandemic, his working place has been shut down and now he is at home fighting for his 5-year-old daughter and his family without any source of income. Baby Faatima needs to undergo open-heart surgery. Due to their financial condition, they could not operate baby Faatima. Her health started deteriorating day by day so they took her to Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for children. Doctors informed them that they need to admit Faatima and start her surgery process. It is a long duration treatment with an approx expenditure of Rs. 4,00,000/- which they are unable to afford.

If we can read this on our cellphone/desktop we come in that privileged category of humans who together can impact numerous lives with the power of Social Media. Help with whatever you can! Every Penny Counts.


Ms.Faatima is suffering from congenital heart disease, TOF with Pulmonary atresia, Large perimembranous VSD, S/P BT Shunt, S/p brain abscess drainage. She is currently under care for heart ailment at "Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children" Mumbai (OP No.1203005). The baby requires Open heart surgery (TOF repair with Conduit) which will cost around Rs. 2,20,000/-.

The cost of the conduit will be approximately Rs 1,80,000/-.

Total cost is Rs.4,00,000.

We, therefore, sincerely appeal to the Helping Hearts like you to come forward and extend your full support to enable us to treat baby girl Faatima.


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  •   Dec 2, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    This is to bring into notice that in the case of Ms. Faatima Shaikh, her open heart surgery cannot be done as her MRI shows she is not fully fit for her surgery and she will need some time. So the amount INR.1,95,539 which has been raised for the treatment of Ms.Faatima has been utilized for the surgery of Mast. Aryan Umesh Joshi who is a 10-month-old baby boy who needed an urgent Open Heart Surgery. The total amount for the treatment was INR.2,50,000 and the surgery has been successfully done.

    Please find the below medical certificates, documents, and images of the Mast. Aryan Umesh Joshi.

    We will keep you updated with the details of this baby. Please keep the baby in your prayers.


    Team Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha

  •   Sep 25, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    We did the MRI for Faatima as it was advised by the Doctors. The report shows a small number of improvements but not enough for her surgery.

    The Followup has been advised on 28th September.

    We would need more support to achieve our goal which would help Faatima with her surgery. Please help Faatima.

    Rabbani Raj Mohammed Shaikh, Father of Baby Faatima

  •   Sep 7, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for all your support for Faatima. We visited the Hospital after following the daily medication which Doctors advised us for 15 days.

    She is still not fit for surgery. The Followup has been advised by the doctors on 17th September to take her MRI.

    Rabbani Raj Mohammed Shaikh, Father of Baby Faatima

  •   Aug 19, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for your support until now. We had visited the Wadia Hospital on 18th August and after consulting the doctor, we have been advised to follow the daily medication for another 15 days. Currently, she is not fit for surgery and the amount need for surgery has not been collected yet.

    We would need more support to achieve our goal which would help Faatima with her surgery


    Rabbani Raj Mohammed Shaikh, Father of Baby Faatima

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