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Don’t let a Mother lose her only Son | Save Rudra

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Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Rudra Kanojiya
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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 “We kept his name Rudra on the 13th day after his birth. Our entire family was excited about welcoming Rudra to this world. Extremely thankful to God that we had every single ounce of happiness in this world. When the doctor gave my baby into my arms; that feeling can only be felt and cannot be explained! Tears rolled down my cheeks. That cute delicate fingers on which I touched with my hands. And I kept looking at his face, his eyes. I was complete, my entire family was complete!

We couldn’t wait to see Rudra grow… his first tiny clothes, shoes, we couldn’t wait to hold his finger and take him to Anganwadi, and at last when he would call us Ma, Pa!

We fed him healthy food, but his body was not growing enough and he used to vomit whatever he ate. We started observing it during his 1st month. Seeing it, we decided to take Rudra to Wadia Hospital and we found his intestine was twisted and because of which an urgent surgery was supposed to be done. We liquidated whatever we had and got the surgery done, yes all the savings were gone but we were happy that our Rudra was fine and will lead a healthy life ahead.

However, we got a second shock when we found that he had a rapid heartbeat and upon observing we found he had a rapid breathing pattern as well. We didn’t know what should we do as upon inspection we found he needed urgent Open heart surgery.

All these happened in a 3-months-time.My delicate child has to undergo a first painful (intestine) surgery just at his 1.5 months of age and now a second one (Open heart surgery) need to be done at mere 3 months of age.

Please help Rudra, we don’t need to lose him, please ”

-Pushpa Kanojia; mother of baby Rudra


Home - Baby Rudra - Asangaon, Maharashtra

Hospital - Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children, Parel, Mumbai  


There are a total of 3 members in Master. Rudra's family.

Master. Rudra is a 3-months-old baby boy

Mother - Pushpa Kanojia

Father - Manoj kanojiya


Manoj Kanojiya (Father of the baby) is a daily wage worker who merely earns Rs.7000. After the COVID-19 pandemic, his working place has been shut down and now he is at home fighting for his 3 months old son and his family without any source of income. Baby Rudra needs to undergo open-heart surgery. Due to their financial condition, they could not operate baby Rudra. Doctors informed them that they need to admit Rudra and start his surgery process. It has an approx expenditure of Rs. 2,50,000/- which they are unable to afford.

If we can read this on our cellphone/desktop we come in that privileged category of humans who together can impact numerous lives with the power of Social Media. Help with whatever you can! Every Penny Counts.


Master Rudra is suffering from congenital heart disease, Hypoplastic Aortic arch, Large VSD, Parachute mitral valve with mitral stenosis, Hypoplastic RV, Bicuspid aortic valve, small PFO. He is currently under care for heart ailment at "Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children" Mumbai. The baby requires Open heart surgery (Arch Repair + VSD closure/PA Banding + Mitral valve inspection) which will cost around Rs. 2,50,000/-. We, therefore, sincerely appeal to the Helping Hearts like you to come forward and extend your full support to enable us to treat baby boy Rudra.


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  •   Oct 19, 2020

    Hello Donors,

    Aap sabhi ko bohut bohut shukriya ki aapne mere bachey ko bachane k liye sahayta kiye. Aap logo humari madat nahi karte toh na jaane mere Rudra ke saat kya hota.

    Abhi mere Rudra theek h, discharge mil chuka h, abhi hasta hai, khelta h aur rota bhi hai.

    Dilse Shukriya Sabhi Logo ko jinhone mere Rudra ko ek ajnabee hote hue bhi sahayta kiya!


    Pushpa; mother of baby Rudra

    We have saved Baby Rudra | ipledgefor success

  •   Sep 25, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for all your prayers baby Rudra has shifted back to the General Ward. He is now recovering and his health is getting normal.

    We will keep all of you updated regarding the date of discharge once the hospital assigns it to us.


    Manoj kanojiya; Father of Baby Rudra

  •   Sep 5, 2020

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for all your kindness towards baby Rudra. Rudra’s Open heart surgery (Arch Repair + VSD closure/PA Banding + Mitral valve inspection) surgery has been done. He is still in ICU as he is suffering from some infection. We will keep you all updated about the health of baby Rudra.


    Team Kokan NGO

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  Sep 2, 2020
Get well soon baby Reference Umesh
Rajeev Gupta
  Sep 3, 2020
God bless him
Manish Mukherjee
  Aug 24, 2020
  Aug 24, 2020
Akhilesh U
  Sep 1, 2020
Get well soon.
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Vishnu R Pillai
  Sep 7, 2020
Get well soon
  Sep 6, 2020
God bless him
Manish Mukherjee
  Sep 6, 2020
  Sep 5, 2020
Best of luck
Rangoli Garg
  Sep 5, 2020
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