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Let's Rebuild Bengal | Amphan Cyclone Relief

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Sundarban Anubhab
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Let's Rebuild Bengal | Amphan Cyclone Relief

In the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, Amphan one of the fiercest cyclones to have affected West Bengal, Odisha, and neighboring Bangladesh in decades, has unleashed havoc on the ecologically sensitive Sundarbans region.

While COVID 19 has infected 1,51,767 people in India in 3 months, of which 45% have now recovered. Cyclone Amphan in 3 hours destroyed a few million livelihoods and uprooted many families in Bengal. About 80 deaths from Bengal were reported. Houses and important documents destroyed, roofs blown away, uprooted trees, crops submerged, and livelihood snatched away!   

The cyclone has destroyed the river embankment across the Sundarbans which has led to saltwater entering the land, officials now fear more 2 lakh farmers could be severely affected. The agrarian economy of Sundarbans is mainly based on rice-based farming on fallow land throughout the year. 

In only one of the districts, North 24 Parganas, in West Bengal, 80,000 families across 700 villages watched their homes swept away in a matter of hours. Reports from places far more remote are yet to arrive. 

By the time the political debacle has died down and the dust has cleared, we will be left with the skeleton of an economy. People who provide food for us will starve, their children wouldn't read but rather be forced to work, our domestic helping hand would be homeless. 

The government cannot do all things alone, so we at Sundarban Anubhab are helping our brothers and sisters for their survival through this campaign by raising funds for those affected by Cyclone Amphan. The money will be used to distribute food and other essential items in Sunderban and other affected areas. 

The standard essential commodities Kit costs roughly INR 600 to sustain a standard family of four for about a week and consists primarily of: 

  • Foodgrains and Groceries (Pulses, rice, milk) 
  • Sanitary Products and Disinfectants like Geoline (widespread contamination of drinking water warrants this)
  • Other essentials like medicine, dry clothes

Let’s Rebuild Bengal! Not for a few, but for all 

Please stand by the POOR. Help us to provide them basic utensils and dry rations that have washed away by the cyclone.  

Areas where we would work

1. Bharatgar-Basanti Block

2. Amanda Abad-Basanti Block

3. Ramchandrakhali-Basanti Block

4. Sonakhali-Basanti Block

5. Jharkhali-Basanti Block

6. Golabari-Canning Block 1

We are going to support all these 3000 families who are located in this area

  •   Jul 29, 2020

    Day -3 29/07/20

    Dear Donors,

    We are extremely thankful to you. Sundarban Anubhab was able to help the families who are affected by Cyclone Amphan and COVID-19.

    Sundarban Anubhab did it’s 3rd round of Relief distribution at Basanti and Canning - Block 1 border, Cargilpara, Matla Bridge Colony The following products were distributed - Rice, Soyabean, Potato, Soap, Cooking Oil, Mask, Sanitizer. In total, 20 families were benefitted.

    Because of your contribution we are able to reach the needy.

    Thank you



    Parimal Sadar

    Founder & Secretary

    Sundarban Anubhab

  •   Jul 28, 2020

    Day -2   28/07/20

    Hi Donors,

    Thank you once again. Because of all your contributions, Sundarban Anubhab was able to help the families who are affected by Cyclone Amphan.

    Sundarban Anubhab did it’s 2nd round of distribution to 25 families at Nonaghari, Durganagar, Basanti, Canning - Block 1. The following products were distributed - Rice, Soyabean, Potato, Soap, Cooking Oil, Mask, Sanitizer.

    Thanks to all of you for helping the needy and making a difference.


    Team Sundarban Anubhab

  •   Jul 28, 2020

    Day -1 27/07/20

    Dear Donors,

    Thank you for your contribution to help the people of Sundarban, who were affected by Cyclone Amphan.

    Sundarban Anubhab did its 1st round of distribution at Nath Colony, Canning block - 1. The following were distributed to the (14) families affected in the region: Rice, Soybean, Potato, Soap, Cooking Oil, Mask, Sanitizer. The families were really happy that Donors understood what they were going through amidst these Amphan and COVID-19 times and donated generously to help them.

    Thanks to #ipledgefor for helping us raise funds and providing seamless support.


    Team Sundarban Anubhab

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