Getting Started

   How can I start a fundraiser on ipledgefor platform?

You are just a click away! Click on - Sign in or Sign up and Follow the procedure to start a Fundraiser on ipledgefor. Fulfill all the requirements, share your story with images or videos for better impact and submit the fundraiser.

   What details and documents I need to submit for a fundraiser?

For details and documents, you need to submit- About yourself - In which you need to submit your basic information and all the valid documents which prove your identity. About the cause - In which you need to justify the question that; why this fundraiser is important for your cause, how can this fundraiser bring change in the society, who will get benefited through this fundraiser, in the form of a story, image, and video. Break up of fund usage Various other documents like hospital recommendation letters, estimation letter, invoices, medical report, newspaper clippings, that can build trust about your fundraiser. In the case of any organizational campaign, the campaign organizer can upload 80G certificate (if they wish to issue tax receipts), FCRA certificate (if they wish to receive foreign funds), and also their organization's logo.

   Who will support my fundraiser?

Any individual in the world who is coming across your fundraiser can extend their support.

   Any individual in the world who is coming across your fundraiser can extend their support.

We would highly recommend you to do so because that will show the genuine fundraiser and also help you to share your cause with others. Note that ipledgefor will never share any post to your timeline without your permission.

    Woe! I forgot my password.

No issues, you can visit this link - You can also live chat with us or email us at to contact us directly.

   We have some query!

You can mail us at or Whatsapp us at 7718001271. Our phone support is available Monday to Friday between 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs at 7718001271.

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