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You are just a click away!
Click on - https://www.ipledgefor.org/user/login
Sign in or Sign up and Follow the procedure to start a Fundraiser on ipledgefor.
Fulfill all the requirements, share your story with images or videos for better impact and submit the fundraiser.

For details and documents, you need to submit-
  • About yourself - In which you need to submit your basic information and all the valid documents which prove your identity.
  • About the cause - In which you need to justify the question that; why this fundraiser is important for your cause, how can this fundraiser bring change in the society, who will get benefited through this fundraiser, in the form of a story, image, and video. Break up of fund usage
  • Various other documents like hospital recommendation letters, estimation letter, invoices, medical report, newspaper clippings, that can build trust about your fundraiser. In the case of any organizational campaign, the campaign organizer can upload 80G certificate (if they wish to issue tax receipts), FCRA certificate (if they wish to receive foreign funds), and also their organization's logo.

Any individual in the world who is coming across your fundraiser can extend their support.

We would highly recommend you to do so because that will show the genuine fundraiser and also help you to share your cause with others.
Note that ipledgefor will never share any post to your timeline without your permission.

No issues, you can visit this link - https://ipledgefor.org/user/forgotpassword
You can also live chat with us or email us at contact@ipledgefor.org to contact us directly.

You can mail us at contact@ipledgefor.org or Whatsapp us at 7718001271.
Our phone support is available Monday to Friday between 10.00 hrs to 17.00
hrs at 7718001271.
About ipledgefor

ipledgefor is a Causefunding platform which redefines the way people help Causes and Community while ensuring accessibility of Causefunding for all

ipledgefor is the Causefunding platform. Causefunding is crowdfunding for Causes. It's the practice of raising large amounts of funds for a Cause. It's done by raising small amounts of money from supporters, which includes your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and potential well-wishers, typically via the Internet. Ipledgefor offers various fundraising options(how it works) under one single platform with the latest of technology

Following are the Causes that you can select
Food & Hunger
Arts & Media
Rural Development
Disaster Support
Fundraiser Review

Definitely yes, you can start promoting your fundraiser by reaching out to your friends, relatives, and society on email and social media. You can ask them to contribute and share your fundraiser in your network. Once initial funds are collected you can reach out to local media or online news platform.

ipledgefor shares guidance on raising funds via email and WhatsApp once the fundraiser is created. ipledgefor also features inspiring and a purposeful fundraiser on all our social media channels.

The popular one’s which are shown on our website is selected by our system (algorithmic selection) once certain parameters and goals are met.
Please note: there's no human intervention involved.

Of course yes! visit your fundraiser dashboard from the top of your fundraiser page. On the dashboard, you will see a link - Download donor list.
Please click there to receive a spreadsheet with all donations in your email.
Note that ipledgefor.org do not share any details of any donor who has anonymously contributed to your fundraiser.

Once the entire details are submitted, you campaign is ready and you can start accepting donations. It won’t show on ipledgefor’s search results
Please note that 24 – 48 hours are needed to verify the campaign. However,you still can accept donations.

Ipledgefor verify your credentials - personal identity, mobile OTP verification, email verification, and social graph which you've submitted during fundraiser details and supporting documents. We also check if your fundraiser is already active in any community or social platform. Post that, we also do a call if we have further questions.

Once your fundraiser is reviewed by our team; only after that, it will appear in the search results. While reviewing if we notice that some documents or information is lacking, it will not appear in ipledgefor.org listing page or search engine results.

No. ipledgefor.org only provide online transactions services. We also have UPI, PayTM, Whatsapp Pay, Gpay, Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, Recurring Donation, QR & a virtual bank account number for our every Fundraiser.

No issue, you can tick a small box while donating which says, 'Pay as Anonymous' You'll remain anonymous including the organizer of the fundraiser.

Refresh the page and logout, and then check the page. Your name will appear only to you when you are signed in


No, never. Donors are charged only the amount they are willing to donate for the fundraiser, and that's it!

After your donation is credited to ipledgefor.org account, the amount will be reflected on the fundraiser page for which you've contributed. Email us at care@ipledgefor.org in case there's a delay at our end.

No need to worry if the amount debited from your account, might be your payment is held at the payment gateway. It will be credited to us within 24 hours.
After received by ipledgefor.org you will receive an acknowledgment. In case you've not received an email acknowledgment within 24 hours, email us at contact@ipledgefor.org and we'll resolve it at the earliest.

If the fundraiser is under review that means it hasn't manually reviewed by our team. We recommend that you donate if you know the organizer of the fundraiser personally.

Just chill! Write to us at care@ipledgefor.org and let us know if you would like the full payment or part of the payment reversed. Within 10 business day and depending on the payment gateway we will reversal the transactions.

ipledgefor is a platform that allows you to raise new and durable products only. On our platform, we list only high-quality products for our different fundraiser.

ipledgefor.org carries an efficient team who offers and check the quality, price options to the organizations.

Yes! You have an option to add your list of products

At the end of the campaign, all the products will be delivered. Nevertheless, if the organization requests us, we can deliver the products before the end of the campaign as well.
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